1. Built on robust smart contracts using Solidity programming
  2. Instant crypto Exchange with no time wait needed to fill orders.
  3. Deployed to Rinkeby network and available on GitHub pages here
  4. Users/Investors can buy and sell tokens (swap) with ETH instantly.
  5. Test driven development (JS) for handling exceptions and smart contract logic.
  6. Async / await to handle JS promises &…


DeFi Bank features:

  • Deposit (ETH)
  • Withdraw (ETH + Interest)
  • Lending (Wip)
  • Payoff loan (Wip)

Project Scope:

  • End to end Project setup using Truffle Framework.
  • Creating robust smart contracts using Solidity Programming.
  • Built unit tests to test smart contracts based on different cases.
  • Smart contracts deployment to blockchains like BSC, Ethereum.
  • Built DeFi Dapp UI for users to connect and interact with…

Intro | Continued from PART I :



Problem Statement:





  1. Quorums (&…

Document Classification with Machine learning


Business Problem:

  • Classify the ectd documents used in Health authority submission to corresponding section folders to map the documents automatically.
  • In Machine Learning terminology, the business problem is a supervised multi-class classification where the target classes (section numbers) are known previously and form a finite set.



Business Problem:

Nishant Vemulakonda

Prolific Blockchain Smart Contract Developer, Experienced Data Scientist , forever Learner

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